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Feeding Frenzy

Feeding Frenzy
"Little Piggies" ~Jack Sterling~ Posted Spring 2010 Jack's Forum

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Amping Up the Testimonials

Amping Up the Testimonials Again

As many of you know firsthand, Jack relentlessly demands his puppy buyers to send him testimonials so that he can alter them and put them up on his web page. Quiet for a time, he is starts again to gather steam, posting up some new ones. This one is so obviously rewritten by Jack, but then they all are...obviously rewritten. The dog's name at the end is even wrong. Perhaps some of you might add your experiences with this in a reply to this topic? Who among you has been pressured to perform?


Here is an email I got on August 9th 2010

Hi Jack,

I will be happy to add a new testimonial after our 8th year with the TRD you sold us.

We came to know "Misha" by an unfortunate accident with our first TRD, Suay. Suay (means beautiful in Thai) was kenneled for a weekend and just a couple of hours before we were due to pick her up she was found strangled to death by virtue of the owner of that boarding kennel leaving her choke chain on her in her run. Suay was attempting to free herself from the confines of her kennel and she had jumped, caught her choker on the chain link fence of her pen. even though this was eight years ago, it saddens me even now as I write this.

My wife and I were so distraught over this lose and we thought having another TRD in our life would help the healing process. We contacted Jack Sterling to see if he had any pups available, and if I remember correctly, Misha was the only pup he had that was ready for a home. Well, Misha immediately slept with me every night, and she and I bonded stronger than any bond I have had with a dog and stronger than some of the humans I consider my friends!

When Misha was about 2 years of age, my worse nightmare began. She, like most TRD, was incredibly spirited. I was working with her on "off leash" training one morning and she became distracted by a rabbit. When the rabbit noticed Misha, it took off for the hills and Misha followed it in a very hot pursuit. It was morning, so, I was still in my robe, I ran back into the house, dressed quickly and gave my own hot pursuit. The chase was on... Unfortunately, in that short period of time it took to change, Misha was long gone and I could not find her at all. I was in total shock and disbelief that I lost my dog. I did not work for three days scouring the area for her, we checked the pounds daily, passed flyer's, talked to the postman if he had seen her, and drove the neighborhood for hours each day, no sign of Misha anywhere. We both were so sick with grief.

My biggest concern was that Misha would not approach someone she did not know, more than likely even if she needed help. Each night, I would put her blanket and food bowl outside by the front door, thinking she might be able to sniff her way home. So that I did not miss her if she did come to the door, I slept on the tile by the front door with blanket and pillow each night while she was missing. After one week of this, my wife told me to come back to our bedroom. That I need to let her go and move on to the acceptance phase of my grieving, but I decided to give it one more night. On the 8th night, at about 4am in the morning, I heard a faint scratching at the door. I thought to myself..this can't be... but just maybe it was her. So, I opened the front door and there she was..it was Misha..!! She looked about 15 lbs underweight and must have had a hundred ticks in her, but there she was. My Misha.. my babygirl.. Oh God I was happy.. you cannot imagine how happy I was to see her.

The funniest part of this true story is Misha is a howler. When she came in the door, I hugged her and was sorta hysterically repeating Misha your home, Misha, Misha, Misha. I was doing the howling, then Misha started to do her howling and it was quite the scene at 4am. My wife, who was asleep in our bedroom, thought I was dreaming while sleeping on the floor by the front door and was crying out her name in my sleep. It was so hilarious.

Misha to this day will not stray more than 20 to 30 yards away from me. She seems to remember and knows now not to do that again She is nearly 8 years old now and a very mature young lady, yet, when I walk in the door she immediately turns into that little precocious 2 year old. I cant imagine having any other breed of dog other than one of Jack Sterling's TRD. We look forward to adding another Sterling pup to the family, I think it will be good for Misha as well.

I think we want another female, at least the quality of Misha. My wife really wants a fawn, but ultimately color is not important as much a classic TRD disposition and appointments. I am going to primarily this pup will be for my 8 year old daughter, at least I am going to try to help her as much as I can in bonding with a pup. Ultimately who the pup bonds with will be our pups decision. The only preference that we truly have is for the short coat. Can you narrow it down from there. Your judgment has always been spot on.

As a footnote, the owner of the kennel felt terrible about what happened and shared in our tears. He also did what he could to make it right. He paid for Misha.

kindest regards,

your true TRD friend

Beau and Michelle

Also read what Mr. Kevin Sarkki, a very well respected TRD owner in San Francisco has to say about a new young lady's interest in owning a new BLUE male Sterling TRD...

I gave some thought to your dream of owning a Sterling TRD and would like you to consider the following:

The TRD is not like any dog you have ever met, and most people in the dog community, even vets, will be awestruck by their presence—but equally important—that uniqueness brings misunderstanding.

The TRD possesses jungle intelligence—this is not the type of smarts that will win flyball or obedience contests—but rather, a survival instinct more akin to that of a jaguar.

So you have to ask yourself—what would happen if you put a TRD in a small closed container, like an apartment, with some domesticated dogs?

Your TRD will likely demand that you treat it as king. Anything less will invoke a wrath of biblical (old testament) proportions. You may not recognize your dwelling upon returning home.

Having said that, the TRD is capable of sweetness your pittie cannot touch, and devotion your chihuahua cannot match.

Consider the TRD only if, and when, you can provide the attention it demands. Many before you thought they could...

Just wanted to give you an update on BlackJack. Thank you so much for picking him out for our family. As you know, we have researched the TRD with you for over a year now. We finally made the decision of owning one. BlackJack came to us on July 7, 2010 from Thailand to California. His transition from Thailand to California worried us. But, it has been two weeks and this TRD is AMAZING!!! During the time that we have had him, we have found that BlackJack is intelligent, loyal, protective, playful, friendly to children and a great addition to our family. We are very SATISFIED with this extraordinary breed. Once again, thank you so much.

Rob Jackson

Stockton, CA USA

Rob Jackson comments on Jack Sterling's recent attack by a rescue person in the Tucson area for selling a RED TRD that bites: .

You don't deserve this bullshit. When you sell your products it is not up to you to train the dog. it is the responsibility of the individual who purchases the product. It's like having a child, the child misbehaves or is a menace to society, should we blame the doctor that delivered the child - or the parent who didn't train their child. The thing is people are very hard to read when you sell them your dogs. It is up to that individual to take responsibility for the TRD that they bought. Just like any dog, if you don't provide it with love and support - he/she does not know any better. The blame does not lie on you. This lady does not deserve your time and energy to explain yourself.

Rob Jackson
Stockton, CA USA

Comments of his experiance

about the TRD he owned..

The guy or girl with this RED TRD in Tucson sounds like a real hard headed individual. I like their "back-talk" to the one person that has the most experience and knowledge of the breed.... It's real dumb of her...

I have to agree with Jack, and many other professional dog breeders and trainers would also agree that dog parks in America are bad news. Most people that bring their dogs there know very little if any about the pack structure of the animal. I avoid these places unless I know that it is a place where stupid people don't go to, with their stupid dominate aggressive dogs.

There are a lot of dog here in San Diego, and a lot of dog parks. I will go to maybe 2, and these ones are on the beach and usually don't have idiots with dumb dogs, (usually) When I had Raiden we went to a couple of dog parks. He never got into it with any dogs, but I did see him make a English mastiff back off, just by showing some teeth and growling. That was enough for the mastiff to leave him well enough alone. It was a sight to see. The mastiff must have been an easy 140lbs.

He did the same thing to a 100lb pit bull the pit bull kept following my sister me and Raiden. Raiden turned around twice before he had just about enough of the pit bulls shit. Raiden ran and confronted the pit and gave him the same show of fangs and growl he gave the English mastiff, and the pit turned tail and ran.

I miss that dog.

John Vogh

Friday, May 7, 2010

Lets Blog About Verbal Abuse and Bullying Tactics

Jack Sterling, the name sends a familiar shutter through many. Remberances of foul verbal abuses and bullying tactics come to fore. Many choose not to deal with these memories. Perhaps they feel ashamed, perhaps they blame themselves, perhaps they feel overpowered or perhaps they simply do not know what to do with this unexpected assault on their sensibilities.  Or perhaps they just want to go on with life and not bother with an obviously raving lunatic.

Thus, the reality of these occurances are shoved into a back room of the self.

This is what he counts on. This is what gives him power. The power to keep on recreating a new business relationship, like a violent lover who at first woos his intended with words of love and promise, appearing as caring and presenting an image of apptitude. Only a short time passes after the first agreement of involvement occurs, when he begins to lay out his terms. The pressure begins, subtly at first, then builds into a monumentous porportion, an extraction is coming, a blackmail, an extortion. And if you resist his advances?
If you dare counter his intentions? This screen shot was sent to me as an example of the rage exhibited if one does not back down. Click on the photo to enlarge it.